Uber Facts You Should Know

6 Questions to Ask Before Stepping into an Uber Vehicle (as a Driver or Passenger) 



Is Uber Illegal?

1. Uber is illegal in at least 13 states and has chosen to continue operating in many cities and countries illegally.

2. Uber performs the illegal act of price gouging.


Is Uber Safe? 

3. No FBI background checks of drivers are required.

4. NBC conducted an investigation and found several drivers who were approved with felonies.

5.  Uber denies any liability for drivers who have physically harmed passengers.

6. Uber offers no guarantees. Simply by downloading the app, passengers must agree to hold “ridesharing” companies harmless for anything that happens on the trip.

7. Uber drivers have killed pedestrians; Uber denied liability

8. Uber drivers aren’t alcohol or drug tested.

9. Uber doesn’t meet prospective drivers for training before allowing them to drive for Uber.

10. Uber drivers are not required to maintain discretion; they have access to your registered name, mobile phone number and pick-up/ drop-off GPS locations.

What Does Uber’s Insurance Cover? Seriously…

11. 29 States have issued warnings about Uber’s insurance.

12. If you pay cash for a trip, you will not be covered by insurance.

13. Uber’s insurance coverage is less than taxi & livery.

14. Uber insurance is still a major liability for passengers.

15.  Uber’s commercial insurance policy only covers medical coverage for the passengers and third parties, not the driver.

16. Personal auto insurance does not allow policy holders to drive commercially.

How Experienced Are the Drivers?

17. There is no regulated driver licensing.

18. UberX drivers are not trained commercial drivers.

19. Many are unfamiliar with the city’s geographical landscape and best routes.

20.  Drivers are not incentivized to get you to your destination quickly and efficiently

How Does Uber Ignore Drivers’ Rights?

21.  Uber claims it is a technology company, not a transportation company, and says that it does not consider its drivers to be employees, but rather considers them “partners,” “independent contractors” or “licensees of software.”

22. Uber avoids giving workers’ rights to drivers.

Will Uber Discriminate Against You?

23.  Based on your secret passenger rating on the Uber app, drivers can choose not to pick you up.

24.  Uber discriminates against handicapped individuals.